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What to apply in Spring?

Apply pre-emergence herbicides to control crabgrass
(April 1-20 Southern Indiana, April 21-May 10 North­
ern Indiana).

Flowers and Garden

Plant cool-season vegetables and flowers as soon as
the ground has dried enough to work.
•  Harden off transplants before planting outdoors by
gradually exposing the young plants to outdoor
conditions of wind, brighter sunlight, and lower
•  Plant or transplant asparagus, rhubarb, and small
fruit plants such as strawberries and brambles.
Divide rhubarb and replant, if last year’s planting
produced seedstalks.

Plant sections of certified, disease-free potato “seed”
•  Remove winter mulch from strawberry beds as soon
as new growth begins, but keep the mulch nearby to
protect against frost and freezes and to help keep
weeds under control.

Spring Gardening Tips

Bare-root stock should be planted before new top
growth begins. Balled-and-burlaped and container
stock can still be planted later in spring.

Remove and destroy overwintering bagworms from
landscape trees and shrubs.
•  Follow home orchard spray schedule to control
insects and diseases. While trees are in bloom, use
a pesticide containing fungicide only and no insecti­
cide and thereby avoid injury to bees. Read and
follow all label directions.

 •  Keep Easter lilies in a bright, cool location out of
direct sunlight. Water as soil begins to dry. The
yellow pollen-bearing anthers inside the flower can
be removed to prevent staining of the petals.

  • Start seeds of warm-season crops for transplanting
    later to the garden (early April for Northern Indiana,
    late March for Southern Indiana).